You can train your dog for shows at Upham Village Hall on Tuesday evenings from 8-9.30pm.

Puppies can start when their inoculations are effective; usually 12-13 weeks old.

There are various types of dog shows, starting with pet dog shows, and then those that are registered with the Kennel Club – Companion Shows for all dogs/Limited Shows/Open Shows and Championship Shows for pedigree dogs, so there is plenty of shows for everyone!

The rules are the same for all shows; there is one judge for each ring, and one steward whose job it is to keep the ring organized and look after the judge. The judge’s decision is final and cannot be challenged by anyone. Puppy classes are 6-12 months. Juniors are 12-18 months, Yearlings are 18-24 months and Veterans are 7 years plus. Other classes are based on the amount of winning a dog has accomplished .

If you think this hobby might be for you, call in at Upham Village Hall on Tuesday evenings at about 8pm. or ring Jill Stutchbury on 01489 895782.

Main image courtesy Sebastian Coman Travel (Unsplash)